• Cerrajero Mijas, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella
  • Cerrajero Mijas, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella
  • Cerrajero Mijas, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella
  • Cerrajero Mijas, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella
Cerrajero Mijas, Mijas, Fuengirola, Marbella


Sale and repair of locks, bowlers, etc.

Locksmith Mijas economic

Locksmith in mijas costa, calahonda puts at your disposal a service locksmith cala de mijas professional 24 hours in the whole area and surroundings with urgent services or appointments to meet your locksmith needs.
 Mijas locksmith is the option that you need with highly professional services given the high number of years we serve this type of services, which we can count on since 17 years ago doing services in the area accompanying the Head of the company in which I I learned or from our own company and direct to be a good locksmith and serve people with the respect they deserve.

Mijas door openings

Service of openings at the best price, you left home and left the keys inside, do not worry, call or send a message to my cell phone and indicate your problem, you will have a vehicle in the address that you ask us in a few minutes, we will open your door without unnecessary breaks and at the best price in the area, locksmith Mijas Vallejo is the best option that you can have when you need to open your door for leaving the keys inside, because we have years of experience and vehicles with the necessary tools to do a good job

Changes of locks

you need to change a lock in Mijas or you are looking for a locksmith in the calahonda to change or repair your locks, do not have problem the company of Vallejo locksmith in mijas change locks and repair at a very good price, direct company to the client and with good economic prices, vehicles prepared at home to change almost any lock at the time even on Sundays

Mijas locksmith is more economical than other companies

The reason for being cheaper is that it is a family business and that it has no intermediaries, we work directly with the client, we treat the client as best as possible so that he is fully satisfied and satisfied, we do the job to him in the best way so that it is always a future client who wants to call me again if he ever has another problem with the door of his house, car or safe.

Service to open your door

Mijas Locksmiths offers a fast and economic service of opening doors without breaking the lock or the door of wood or metal. The vast majority of these cases, when the customer has forgotten the keys inside the house, I open your home in a matter of a few minutes. And without any unnecessary damages so you can safely use your door as if nothing happened. The situation is more complicated if when the client has blocked the door of his house or has lost it. In this case, the first thing I do is to see the lock with special opening tools. If this does not give the result we want, open that change the opening mechanism. Our arrival time to the place of urgency is approximately 15 - 20 minutes.

i like locksmith change locks if you are looking for a locksmith mijas

Your door lock is broken in Mijas.

Locksmith Mijas explains below: A door lock may end up broken or blocked by different problems. One of these problems can be due to accidents or breakage or misuse or some wind. Whatever the cause that does not work well your door can count on my company for fast and economic service. If your door lock is broken, the problem does not have to be serious or expensive and hopefully we will try to change or repair economically to save money for you. It is important not to supplement the doors with gums so that wind does not enter without the supervision of a locksmith of your confidence, as you can force the mechanism of the lock when opening or closing, breaking the mechanism in the future. Many people have the tendency to put a lot of oil to oil the lock and give temporary solutions, but it is important to see a lock when it warns you and something is not right as it will always be cheaper to repair that in the future be blocked and have to Call a locksmith Mijas to open the door and repair. The problem with a lock can be several, it may have wear, it may need oil, it may need to be repaired or just square and adjust the pins in the frame, the broken door do not forget and let it pass since it is very important that your door is always well closed how I take my job very well and I care about the safety of my clients I like that it is always closed since your security is very important.

We visit your home in the shortest possible time without unnecessary damage to your door, gate or vehicle in which we do our best to visit your home in an estimated time of 15 minutes in urgent services.

Cerrajero Mijas, Mijas, Fuengirola, Marbella

Our services of locksmith in Mijas offers you:

Opening of vehicles: Audi, Mercedes, Bmw, Skoda, Fiat, Renault, Citroen and many more.

Open safes: we are prepared to open your safe either by mistake or forget the password.

Repair of windows, or forced gates.

Changes of keys.

Cambios de cerraduras.

Installation of second locks.

Security increases in your doors and windows.

Equalization of keys to only have a key for all the doors.

Installation of springs closes doors.

Quality bowls for urbanization portals

Escudos de protección para cerraduras.

High security bowlers (with reinforced anti-extraction and maximum safety anti-picks)