Cerrajero Vallejo

Locksmiths Vallejo Mijas makes openings of all kinds of locks

Door openings: first option is if you leave the keys inside the house or put behind, no problem locksmith Mijas opens your door without unnecessary breaks at the best price, vehicles designed to meet your home in vehicles and perform quick and economic jobs

second option: you lost the keys, no problem send us a picture of your door and we will budget the price of work with final price for your knowledge of the price you will pay, vehicles ready to open almost any model that would normally have your new key in question of minutes according to the availability of the locksmith and the material, locksmith work for cala de mijas at the best price, new and quality keys

third option, your lock is locked or broken, there is no problem wide experience opening doors at the best price, we have the necessary tools to open your door and depending on the problem you have is repaired or changed at the best price, we have experience and work in mijas for many years and we will open your locked or broken door with cheap prices and we will leave your door in good working condition perfectly

Open safes for lost keys or forget the key even locked or broken sabes 

we have extensive knowledge and experience opening safes in Mijas and with locksmith mijas vallejo you will have a good price and economic opening of almost any safe either basic security or high-grade safe and very safe

Open car in mijas by a vehicle locksmith

With this company located in the area of Mijas you will not need to break your car or the glass of your vehicle if you left the keys inside, we open your car at the best price quickly and without unnecessary breakages, ask for a quote of your vehicle brand and do not forget put the year of the vehicle and the brand, you can also have our services to open vehicles in locations near the entire province of malaga